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Week ending 25th May

Phonics- We have been revising the digraphs and trigraphs we have learnt so far as well as learning to read and write CVCC and CCVC words. Over the half term holiday please ensure your child is reading little and often each day. This will really help with their transition into Year 1.

Literacy- The children have been writing about their experience with Detective Sargent Lane. I have been really impressed with the children’s sounding out and blending when writing their sentences. Some children even remembered their finger spaces between words and capital letters and full stops!

Maths- The children have been adding two groups of people (counting objects) through a time machine to be saved by superheroes! We have been remembering to count on to find the total. The children have been practising recording this as a calculation.

PE- The children continued to develop their kicking skills and also played a team game in which they needed to work together. After half term we will be playing more team games and practising for Sports Day!

RE- We have started our new unit on ‘Where do we belong?’ and read the story ‘The Ugly Duckling’. We then discussed ways in which we are special and unique and celebrated their qualities together.

The children have had such a super half term and definitely deserve a week off to relax and rest! After half term the transition into Year 1 will continue. We will be learning lots about our new classroom and teachers to ensure this transition is smooth. The children also have lots to look forward to with Health and Fitness Week, Sports Day and other Summer activities we have planned.

Have a brilliant week!

Week ending 18th May

Firstly, a massive thank you to Thomas’ Dad who came into school on Wednesday and spoke to the children about the role of a police officer. The children were so intrigued and excited to learn many interesting facts and also explore a “real life police car!” I’m sure the children have been telling you all about this exciting experience and I hope they enjoy sharing the photographs with you at home. Not all superheroes wear capes!



Literacy- I have been really impressed with the children’s retelling and writing of the story ‘Superworm!’ The children were set the challenge to remember the superworm missions within the book and write about how superworm saved the day!

Maths- The children have been continuing their learning about the place value of teen numbers and have been representing this in a range of ways.

Phonics- This week we have been learning to spell some tricky words as well as read them. The children have also been learning the split digraphs u_e (flute, compute) and o_e (coke, rope).

PE- This week we were engaging in three different activities developing our kicking skills. We had a penalty shootout, a weaving station in which the children dribbled the ball in between cones and a station in which the children had to pass and receive the ball with a partner.

RE- Thank you to those who brought in items from their Christening or naming ceremony. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about Christenings from the children’s first hand accounts. This week the children made something of their choice from a range of media reflecting Christenings. For example, a font, a Christening card etc.

We hope you enjoy watching the royal wedding this weekend!

See you on Monday!

Week ending 11th May

We were blown away by the children’s fantastic superhero costumes on Tuesday! It was such a brilliant start to our ‘Reception to the Rescue’ topic. They really enjoyed engaging in sport challenges on the playground and field. We had children hurdling, throwing javelins, bouncing on the trampolines, weaving in and out of the cones with a hockey and ball and shooting baskets with a basket ball!


Literacy- Miss Wildboar (our University student training to be a teacher) has been really impressed with the children’s writing this week. They have been writing about themselves as superheroes including their super powers and superhero name.

Maths- I have been wowed by the children’s symmetrical capes they have been designing with Mrs Barnett. The children used a mirror to check that their pattern was symmetrical.

Phonics- This week the children have been learning the graphemes au (August, haunted), a_e (cake, bale), e_e (athlete, compete), i_e (kite, bite).

PE- Working in groups of 5, the children practised throwing different sized balls to each other. They used foam balls, plastic small balls, basketballs and squashy balls. We practised keeping our arms in front of us and keeping our eyes on the ball.

IT and Computing- The children enjoyed using the BeeBots to program the superheroes to different ‘disasters’ such as a broken bridge and a house on fire. They had to choose the most appropriate superhero for the mission and then direct the BeeBot to the correct location. We practised using the language left, right, forwards and backwards.

Remember it is the Tardebigge Trek on Monday 14th May so please send your child into school in their Forest School clothes on Monday and Tuesday. It is also a non-uniform day on Friday 18th May to celebrate the Royal wedding so please send your child dressed in blue, white or red clothes.

Have a super weekend!

Week ending 4th May

Phonics- We have been revising the graphemes ay, ue, aw and ew as well as reading our tricky words.

RE- The children have been learning about celebrations such as Sukkot, Christmas and Diwali so in this week’s session the children made a tree decoration reflecting one of these celebrations.

PE- The children have been developing their throwing and rolling skills using large balls. Next week the children will be practising kicking the balls.

Literacy- The children loved reading the ‘If I had a dinosaur’ story with Mrs Welsh on Wednesday and have been writing about what they would do if they had a pet dinosaur.

Maths- We have been doubling numbers, adding two groups of objects and solving subtraction number problems. We have been encouraging the children to prove their answers.

Remember, it is superhero dress up day on Tuesday! We cannot wait to see your amazing costumes.

Enjoy the long weekend Reception!

Week ending 27th April

Next week I will be going on the residential with Year to Condover Hall on Wednesday- Friday. The children will be left in the very capable hands of Mrs Barnett and Miss Walker as normal. Mrs Welsh and Mrs Medlicott from Year 1 will be coming into Reception during the three days so that transition into Year 1 can begin with the children. It will be a fantastic opportunity for the children to get to know their teacher and teaching assistant for next year. We cannot believe transition into Year 1 is already beginning. Where is the year going? I will be with the children until 11am on Wednesday and will see them before they go home on Friday.

Literacy- Firstly, thank you to those children who completed the Read-a-thon challenge this week and have read 6 times or more. Keep up the reading next week for a chance to get 6 more team points!
The children created their own ‘mixed-up animal’ using the Jungle flip-flap book and then labelled it and wrote a description about their animal. These were very impressive!

Maths- We have been continuing to add and subtract two single-digit numbers on a number line. Some children are recording their calculations correctly and marking jumps on a number line. Many of the children are now able to use objects to find the answer to addition and subtraction problems. We have been encouraging the children to prove their answer rather than just saying the answer.

Phonics- We have been revising the sound aw, ie, ay, ee, igh and also reminding ourselves of the tricky words we have learnt so far.

PE-We are now focussing on developing our ball skills so this week the children practised picking up a football or basketball using different body parts such as their elbows or two fingers. We then worked in partners to roll and throw the ball to each other. Next week the children will be kicking the ball to each other.

RE- To continue our unit on ‘What times are special?’ we have been learning about the Jewish celebration of Sukkot and in the outdoor area we had a go at building and decorating our own Sukkah (small hut).

A reminder that on Tuesday 8th May (after the bank holiday) it is our superhero dress up day.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Week ending 20th April

Welcome back! We hope that you have had a lovely Easter break. The children enjoyed sharing their holiday experiences with their friends. Thank you to those who emailed in photographs and observations to 2BuildaProfile.

Literacy- The children have been writing about their Easter holiday. We have been encouraging the children to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. The children took their time to hear the sounds in each word and used the alphabet mat to help them with their letter formation.

Maths- We have been adding and subtracting numbers on a number line. We did this using number tracks and jumping from one number to another on a number line outside. We talked about which way we need to jump when adding or subtracting and why.

Phonics- This week we have been learning the following graphemes; wh (when, wham), ph (phonics, dolphin), ew (flew, blew), oe (toes, foe). We have also been revising our tricky words.

PE- The children will now be engaging in Games on the playground over the next few weeks. We will be developing our ball skills and engaging in team games. This week we worked in pairs to roll a ball over our partners body and roll the ball to each other.

RE- We have engaged a new unit called ‘Which times are special and why?’ We explored a celebration basket full of cards, photographs and objects of different celebrations. The children shared their experiences of family celebrations with their friends.

Have a lovely weekend Reception!

Week ending 29th March ALL THINGS WILD

Literacy- The children have been finishing off their Handa’s Surprise stories. I have been so impressed with the children’s sounding out and handwriting. We have been practising writing on smaller lines.

Maths- The children were carrying out Easter problems with the mini eggs. For example, If Kelly has 3 eggs and Tim has 4 eggs, how many are there altogether? If Ted has 6 eggs but he eats 2, how many are there now? The children talked about how they would answer the number problems. We hope you enjoy carrying out the one less home learning challenges over the holiday. 

Phonics- We have been revising the graphemes oy, ir, ue, ay, ou, ie and have been taught the new grapheme aw (lawn, saw). Please keep practising your tricky words at home over the holiday as well as reading daily and practising your caterpillar words. 

All Things Wild- We had a super day on Wednesday during our trip to All Things Wild. The children took part in a Dino Explore session in which we handled dinosaur fossils and bones and talked about herbivores and carnivores. We then engaged in some fossil finding in the Dino Barn and sieved the sand to find fossils, shark teeth and gold! The children will be taking home a shark tooth on Thursday. We visited the baby farmyard and reptile room to have a look at the animals and also had a ride on the Dino tractor which the children loved!


The children have also been busy practising the songs for our Easter performance, The Tale of the Three Trees. I’m sure you’ll agree the children sang brilliantly!

We hope you have a fantastic Easter holiday Reception and cannot wait to hear all about it!

Week ending 23rd March

Literacy- The children have started writing their Handa’s Surprise stories. They have been writing a caption for each of the story pictures. We will continue these next week.

Maths- This week the children have been using unifix cubes to measure the height and length of different dinosaur pictures. They have also been counting on and back in 10s and using the ‘part part whole’ method to show number bonds to 10. We have also been solving addition and subtraction animal problems. E.g.

There were a herd of 6 elephants. 3 elephants joined them. How many altogether?

Phonics- We have been learning alternative graphemes for some phonemes we have already learnt. The graphemes are ea (teacher, sea), oy (toy, boy), ir (girl, twirl), ue (blue, glued)

On Monday we will be having our whole class photograph.

On Tuesday it is our Singapore Maths evening 6-7. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to learn about your child’s maths development going forwards.

On Wednesday it is our trip to All Things Wild so please remember to send your child into school with a disposable packed lunch.

On Thursday it is also our Easter parade on the playground at 9am followed by our Easter service in the church at 9.15am. Please ensure your child brings in either a decorated Easter cross or an Easter bonnet. We look forward to seeing you there.

What a busy four day week!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday.

Week ending 16th March

As part of Science week the children have been engaging in lots of fun Science experiments and investigations. At the beginning of the week, we were building rockets to place over empy plastic bottles. The children squeezed the bottles and to release the air and therefore enable their rocket to shoot up into the air. The children were set the challenge to create a rocket that could rescue the penguin from the far off planet. We investigated whether a long or short rocket worked best and why and which bottle worked best and why.

The children were introduced to the vocabulary ‘exploration’ and ‘discovery’ in Word Aware this week which linked to our Science week and every child in the school designed a Science poster. In Reception our poster was about the ‘Rocket Rescue’ investigation. Some of these posters will be entered into the British Science Association annual poster competition.

On Thursday we had a visit from the Animal Man and Cheltenham Science group. The children were given the opportunity to explore a variety of experiments. This was a very exciting experience!

Literacy- This week we have been reading the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children have created some fantastic story maps ordering the different animals in the story who pinched Handa’s fruit out of her basket! Next week the children will be writing the story using their story maps to support them. We also linked ‘Handa’s Surprise’ to our Science week and on Tuesday we tasted the different fruits from the story.

Maths- We have been counting on and back in 10s and on in 2s. Try and practise this over the weekend with your children. We have also been cutting bread for snack and Battenberg cake into halves and quarters and discussing what half and quarter means.

Phonics- The children have been revising the tricky words we have learnt so far as well as learning the alternative graphemes (letters) for the phonemes (sounds)

ay (play, stay, may)

ou (cloud, proud)

ie (fried, pie)

RE- As part of our Understanding Christianity Project, the children have been learning about Palm Sunday and why Christians celebrate this day as well as Good Friday and Easter Sunday. We tasted hot cross buns and discussed what the cross on a bun represents. The children then decorated an Easter cross with flowers to remind themselves of the Easter story.

Gymnastics- As well as practising our pencil roll, roll on back and teddy bear roll, this week the children have been learning how to do a forward roll.

A reminder that there will be a whole class professional photograph on 26th March.

Have a lovely weekend Reception!

Week ending 9th March

Thank you to everyone who attended parents evening this week. It was lovely to be able to share with you just how well your children are getting on. We hope this was a useful experience for you too!

Literacy- We have been looking in great detail at the pictures in the ‘Dinosaurs in my School!’ picture book and writing sentences about what we can see. The children have been challenging themselves to then write a connecting sentence. For example, I can see a dinosaur sat on a chair. He is green and fat.

Maths- Using ten frames and double-sided counters, the children have been creating teen numbers and explaining to me how many tens and ones are in each teen number as well as telling me one more and one less. We have also been learning number bonds to 10 e.g. 9 and 1 makes 10, 6 and 4 makes 10, 5 and 5 makes 10 etc. The children have been showing these number bonds in a range of ways such as using Numicon, Base-10, broken hearts (!), unifix cubes, their fingers etc.

Phonics- This week the children have been reading and writing CVCC and CCVC words. They have also been writing words consisting of 5 or 6 phonemes. The children have been learning the tricky words out, one, little, when, what. Please continue to practise these at home. Remember to practise making CVC words on your reading caterpillar too.

RE- We have started to learn about the Easter story in the Bible, in preparation for celebrating Easter in a few weeks time. Today we acted out the story of Jesus riding on his donkey whilst waving palm leaved and shouting Hosanna. We talked about what Palm Sunday means to Christians.

We hope you enjoyed our Mothering Sunday concert and have a wonderful weekend celebrating with your lovely Mummy’s.

See you on Monday.

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