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week ending 25.05.18

This half term has certainly gone fast, but we have certainly kept busy! Next half term, is always a lovely one with sports week, transition days and end of school year fun, but we will ensure lots of learning is done alongside.

This week we have enjoyed looking at clips from the royal wedding in english. We watched the BBC video of George The Poet, The Beauty of Union, and thought about poetry for weddings. We then looked at rhyming poems written before the wedding discussing the pattern of the stanzas as 4 lines, with lines 2 and 4 rhyming. The children have planned and written their own versions of this poem, from the point of view of after the wedding.

In maths we have continued our work on length, converting metres to kilometres and vice versa. We have then moved on to comparing these measurements, when they are written in different ways and having to convert them to one form of measurement. This has also included centimentres. This has provided the children with lots of challenge, from ensuring they read the question and unit of measurement correctly, to remembering how many centimetres are in metres and how many metres are in kilometres.

In swimming this week, the everyone enjoyed the end of half term 'fun session'. The children had big floats, balls and other pool toys to play with. They also all played a big game of stuck in the mud in the water!

We have also begun practicing our songs for The Big Sing in June, with Mrs Atkinson. After half term we will have two weeks to learn these ready to perform them. The letters will be going out shortly but this will all take place in school time.

Have the most wonderful half term everyone.

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett.

week ending 18.05.18

What a lovely start to the week we had. On Monday we had a morning of science focusing on changing states. We explored gases first, trying to understand if they weighed anything. Then we did an experiment to see which fizzy drink had the most carbon dioxide in it. The children weighed the fizzy drinks at the beginning and then shook them to loose some of the carbon dioxide, and weighed them again. The excitement of the children as we tried to open the bottles without them exploding everywhere was amazing. We then went on to see which temperature water would change the state of chocolate from a solid to a liquid. We discussed throughout fair testing and ensured we only change one variable in each experiment. Ask your children what they discovered.

In the afternoon we went on the Tardebigge Trek, we couldn’t have asked for better weather, thank you to everyone who came along and admired the rapeseed fields, blue skies and gorgeous lambs. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

In maths we begun to explore length. We have had lots of discussions about estimating, and have had a go with tape measure to explore lengths over 1 metre. We then went on to convert metres to centimentres and kilometres to metres. We solved some problems using the tape measures, as well as using our own knowledge of measurements.

In english the children have finished writing their narratives, edited them and redrafted them. We were really impressed with the detail and speech included, also the range of storylines created. Well done all!

In our topic work, the children have started creating tourist information booklets about visiting the Mayans, and what to expect! This includes when and where they lived and what made the Mayan Civilisation special. Some children have also began making templates for a print inspired by Mayan and Aztec printing. We look forward to seeing how the prints turn out. 

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett.

week ending 11.05.18

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend last week and have been enjoying the weather. This week we have continued our work in maths on fractions, looking at the simplest forms and applying our previous learning to find equivalent fractions, amongst a range of fractions. The children have certainly found this more difficult and have had to really use their growth mindset to persevere.

In english the children have planned and begun to write their own narratives, using themselves as the main character and the Cadbury factory as the setting. The children have used some of the Cadbury characters as supporting characters but have come up with their own unique storylines. We look forward to reading the finished versions next week.

We are also doing a small handwriting practice every day, to help continue to improve our sweeps, flicks and sizing of our letters. We are using the year 3 and 4 words alongside this to help with the spellings.

As part of our topic work about the Ancient Mayans, the children have made fantastic clay pots. Inspired by the pottery of the Mayans, they firstly sculpted the shape from the clay, then once dry, have mixed Earthy colours to paint the entire pot. Then we researched Mayan and Aztec patterns, which the children sketched, and finally painted on to their own pots.

Our swimming on Fridays is going brilliantly, and we can see the children are making super progress in the water. It is fantastic to see the confidence build in so many of the children, and those who were already confident swimmers are refining strokes and other skills.


Have a great weekend, and remember it is the Tardebigge Trek on Monday.

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett

week ending 04.05.18

Our work on fractions has continued this week with equivalent fractions and we have moved this into fractions in their simplest form. The children have really worked hard on this area as they have found it difficult to work out a fraction in its simplest form, so we have worked with lots of pictures and drawings to help them try and secure their learning.

In english the children have really shown an excellent understanding of narratives, using their knowledge of key features to ‘crack the code’ and then reverse plan our shortened version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. We have begun to explore characters and settings ready for us to begin planning our narrative next week. We have also practised applying what we know about inverted commas and speech punctuation by using these features in a narrative about our trip to Cadbury World.

In computing we have begun our new unit ‘We are Opinions Pollsters.’ We began discussing what this might mean and where we might have seen examples of these. We looked at The British Soap Awards current poll, to understand what an opinion poll looks like and what their purpose might be. The children got into groups and then decided on a theme for the one they would create, based on our topic of chocolate. Next week we will begin thinking about the questions we will ask and the options we will provide for our answers.

In our topic afternoons, the children have been exploring the Mayans through various activities; finding maps and exploring Central America with ipads, using historical evidence to write a diary entry from the point of view of an explorer, and sculpting Mayan pottery. We look forward to finishing the latter next week by painting them with Mayan patterns.

Thank you to everyone with their efforts on the Read-a-thon, we are really noticing children fly through their team points, thanks to all the reading at home.

We hope you have had a wonderful bank holiday weekend.

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett

week ending 27.03.18

This week, in english we have begun our work on narratives, focusing on the features; inverted commas, expanded noun phrases and verbs (specifically in place of said). We have used clips and pictures from the second version of Charlie and Chocolate Factory film to help us generate lots of exciting and interesting ideas. A SPaG focus we have been working on is using apostrophes. Although we have practised this before for contractions, it is something we are continuing to practise to stay on top of! We are also learning about using apostrophes for possession too, eventually moving onto those particularly tricky plural possessives!

Our maths has led us on to equivalent fractions. We have been busy folding equal lengths of paper into equal parts: halves, quarters, sixths, eighths, and thirds. Then using the paper the children discovered which fractions were equivalent and built numberlines. We have then started to notice patterns between equivalent fractions, and how multiplication plays a huge part in understanding these.

In RE the children have been talking about the story of Pentecost in the Bible. This week the children explored a range of artists work based on the story and reflected on what they saw.

This week we have reviewed the Year 3 and 4 spelling words, and all children could benefit from additional practise of these at home. Many of these words are very tricky, and so many children were very close to getting lots of the words correct, so a little extra practise at home would really reinforce the children's knowledge of the spelling patterns. These can all be found on the Year 3 web page.

Thank you to everyone for their wonderful efforts on the read-a-thon. Just a reminder, we check diaries for the day before, we don’t expect you to read with your child in the morning, but at a time that is convenient with you all. Any questions please come and see us.

Enjoy your weekends,

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett

week ending 20.04.18

Welcome back to the summer term. We hope you all had a wonderful time over Easter, the children have had lots to tell us about their adventures.

We have begun our new topic with lots of important research – chocolate tasting! Through our English work the children have tried a range of different chocolates, then thought carefully how they would describe each of these through their senses. They then chose their favourite chocolate, and used some of these descriptions to find their synonyms in the thesaurus. After exploring a couple of imagery poems, the children went on to develop similes with these synonyms. And then planned, drafted, edited and redrafted their own imagery poem on chocolate. Their wonderfully descriptive poems have made us teachers want to eat a lot of chocolate!

In maths, we have begun looking at fractions (again using chocolate to help us at the beginning of the week). The children have successfully worked with tenths and have confidently began to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. 

In computing the children, are using the videos created last half term to make their presentations. Using the app ‘i movie’ the children have put their clips together in the right order, thought about the transitions between clips and have begun to add text over their clips. We will be finishing this area of computing next week, and I’m sure it will be with plenty of super presentations.

Finally, we finished our week with a very exciting trip to Cadbury World! We have learned a lot about the Maya (who invented chocolate), discovered how the Georgians and Victorians ate chocolate, and found out how chocolate is made nowadays. Everybody particularly liked tasting the melted chocolate at the end of the trip!

Have a lovely (hopefully sunny) weekend.

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett.

Week ending 29.3.18


This week we have worked hard to write, edit and redraft the playscripts the children planned last week. The children really have enjoyed writing these and have shown a super understanding of the features needed to write them.

We have also finished our work on picture charts and bar graphs in maths. When finshed the children then partook in some mastery challenges. This one in particular had the children perservering to find the correct answers:



We finished our week wonderfully, and a day early! We were all so impressed once again with the Easter bonnets; thank you again to parents for your support in making the bonnets look so brilliant. We hope you all enjoyed the Easter service; the Year 4 children did a super job of telling the story and all the children in Year 3 did us proud with their amazing singing. 

We continued our Easter celebration by learning about some 3D shapes, discussing the properties: vertices, edges and faces. We then made Easter basket nets, carefully cutting and sticking the 2D shape, to make a 3D shape. Please keep refreshing the children's knowledge of 3D shape by getting them to spot different ones at home and when out and about. 

Finally, we concluded our Science topic of Animals including Humans, by creating an information page about the three different types of skeletons; endoskeletons, exoskeletons and hydrostatic skeletons. Please quiz the children to give you information about each one!

We would just like thank parents once again for all the support you are giving the children with their learning at home. The effort that goes into homework and reading is very much appreciated and the children do get a great sense of pride and accomplishment when they share what they have done with the class.

We hope you have a fantastic fortnight off, and look forward to seeing everybody back and rested in the summer term!

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett

week ending 23.03.18

This week in english we have continued our work on play scripts, looking at how we can apply the skills we have been focusing on in writing a play script. We have used some clips from the film Early Man to write as a play script. The children enjoyed re-watching the clips and thinking about how these might have looked like as a script. The children have also began planning their own play script based on a chapter from Harry Potter, we look forward to reading the finished scripts next week!

Our maths work on bar charts has continued, and this week we have looked at interpreting the data that has been presented. We have thought about different scales and how to read them accurately, how to work out the difference between different parts of the data and how to ask our own questions.

We have also enjoyed working on some Easter treats this week, including practicing songs for our Easter service next week. The children have a range of new songs to learn and have really picked these up beautifully with some help from Mrs Atkinson.

We have thought about Easter a lot in our RE this half-term, and have reflected on different parts of the Easter Story, from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. The children thought about the importance of Easter to Christians and have created some symbols of Easter as stained glass windows for the classroom. These include palm leaves, crosses, the tomb and stone from Jesus' burial and eggs to represent new life.



Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you in our final week before the Easter holidays.

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett

week ending 16.03.18

What a fantastic start to the week with a visit to The Regal Cinema in the Evesham to watch Early Man. The children were impeccably behaved and loved the experience of the comfortable spinny chairs, and relaxed atmosphere of the cinema. We will be using elements of the film with some upcoming learning.

We have continued our work on play scripts in english, exploring the features further and reverse planning, ready to start preparing to plan and write and their own.

In maths we moved on to picture graphs (pictograms) and recapping some of the learning from year 2, moving onto bar graphs at the end of the week. Children have looked at tables, tallies and data, how to present it in pictures and have begun to interpret it. This week has been British Science Week, and we have done a lot in school to celebrate this event!

On Thursday, we had a very action packed day! We started off with a visit from the Animal Lady, who brought in some amazing animals. We saw an owl, two snakes, a hissing cockroach, two geckos, a tortoise, and the cutest of them all, the Kinkajou (or Honey Bear). Everybody was so brave with the animals and loved holding and stroking them, as well as learning some wonderful facts.

We have created some posters as part of a nationwide poster competition about Exploration and Discovery. These two words inspired us to think of some amazing scientists who had created some amazing inventions or discovered incredible things that have shaped our lives.

We went on a trip down to Forest School, where the children hunted for invertebrates. We found plenty of worms in the mud, and some other creatures too, including a huge black beetle.

Finally, we finished our day with a visit from the Cheltenham Science Centre. They had brought in lots of amazing experiments for us to explore and play with. Everyone loved the hands on experience and the freedom to enjoy the wide variety of gadgets and equipment!

After a fantastic week, next week we will be returning to some normality!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett

week ending 09.03.18

Thank you for the prompt return of the cinema trip letters. We are really looking forward to the trip on Monday. For those of you who haven’t visited The Regal in Evesham, it is a lovely 1920’s cinema with a different approach to watching films. We are sure the children will tell you all about it on our return. We will give the children a snack before we go and then have a late lunch in the classroom, so please ensure they come with a packed lunch.

This week we have begun looking at play scripts. We have thought carefully about the features needed and how important these are for a play to be understood, by both actors and the audience. The children have enjoyed the opportunity to do some acting thinking both about the speech and actions. We will continue this next week.

In maths we worked extremely hard on solving word problems with multiplication and division. The children have really persevered in reading the questions and thinking about how to solve them. We finished off the week with a review of what we have learned about multiplication and division, and the children have shown off all the skills they have practised independently.

Our grammar focus this week has been on using adverbs, particularly adverbs of manner to describe how an action is carried out. The children thought of some 'silly sentences' using adverbs of their own, before watching a short clip from Harry Potter where they used adverbs to help describe the scenes.

We hoped all the Mums and family members that were able to come to school on Friday enjoyed the activities and service. The children sang beautifully and I'm sure you were all beaming with pride!

We would also like to say thank you to everyone who could make parents evening this week. It was great to tell you all how wonderful your children are and how proud they make us on a daily basis. We look forward to next week as it is is another very busy one with lots of fantastic experiences for the children. 

Enjoy your weekends,

Mrs Horton and Mr Bennett.

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