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Week ending Friday 25th May

What a wonderful final week of the half term! We spent it mainly focussing on our brilliant trip to the Safari Park!

Click on the link to see some photos of the day.

The children worked really hard to write their recounts of our day for the rest of the week. We also completed the spelling and SPAG SATs tests (finally we are done!). In other lessons we acted out our Shabbat celebrations, putting ourselves in the shoes of the Jewish family member we were pretending to be. The children also enjoyed some free time and watched part of David Attenborough's "Africa" programme on the savannah. 

On Friday the children enjoyed our Indoor Athletics at Trinity High School- thank goodness it was inside!

No Maths booklets sent home but please read and if you would like, you can complete the "Everything you know about the African Savannah" poster/fact file!

Have a lovely half term children! Stay safe and see you back at school on Monday 4th June. I can't believe it is our final half term together when we come back. 

Week ending Friday 15th May


What a brilliant way to end another week of SATs! The Royal Wedding dress up day has been fantastic and definitely got us into the patriotic spirit for tomorrow's event. I hope you enjoy the decorations the children have bought home for you to share whilst watching!

The children well and truly deserve a rest this weekend. We cannot say how proud we are of their continued effort and enthusiasm towards their tests again this week! We are done! Both Reading and Maths papers have been completed. They have absolutely blown us away and I could not be prouder/happier/pleased/joyful! Next week we will be carrying out the spelling and SPAG test.

In RE the children researched Shabbat (the Jewish celebration) in more detail and prepared in groups to act out certain parts of the event in more detail. We are beginning to reflect on why Jewish people do certain things during Shabbat.

A reminder it is our trip to the Safari Park on Monday. Please wear a hat and suncream as the forecast is sunny (fingers crossed!). Can all children wear their school uniform and bring a fully disposable named packed lunch & water bottle. If you have ordered a lunch in school any other snacks can be brought in too.


Week ending Friday 11th May

I hope you all had a wonderful long Bank Holiday weekend. The sun seems quite a long time ago now on Friday afternoon! It was lovely to be back with the children after being away at Condover last week.

This week we began completing some of the tests needed for SATs. The children's enthusiam blew us away...they were so keen and ready to show off how amazing they are! We are keeping it very low key in school so there is no need to worry. Remember as I said in the SATs meeting and on the SATS powerpoint the tests are just an element to the SATS. We have been working hard all year to make a judgement on your child's attainment! We will continue next week with two more papers.

Here are some pictures of our free time/chilling/PE this week in between our Showing off in SATS...

No homework this week so please continue to read and relax ready for next week!


Week ending Friday 4th May

We began the week editing our non-chronological reports. Year 2 then redrafted them on either an iPad or laptop. They really enjoyed this activity!

We've spent most of the week practising different skills in our reading and maths; preparing for next week where we will start a couple of the SATs tests. Again, like I said in our SATs meeting...this is only one piece of evidence for a teacher's assessment so we are so so proud if the children just try their best! And their best is amazing! 

Whilst I was away at Condover the children enjoyed reading "How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth" and completing different activities based on it!

Enjoy the long weekend! Please make sure you rest and chill! 

Week ending Friday 27th April


It was been a bit of a strange week as I have been out visiting other schools for moderation on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Mrs Friday and Miss Walker were with the class!

In English the children chose to research an African lion or mouse to write a non-chronological report. They planned their reports and wrote them, remembering all we had learnt right from the beginning of the year when we had our Pirates topic!  On Friday the children completed their reports. On Monday we will edit them and have the opportunity to type them up as a redraft. After reading the Lion Inside, the children also wrote a character description.

In Maths we completed a practice for the Reasoning paper and I was blown away with the children's growth mindset, perseverance and attitude towards the challenge! Since then we have been plugging away filling in the little gaps we have in our knowledge.

In RE we focussed on the Jewish special item: the mezuzah. We explored what it was and its importance to Jewish people.

This week we have done independent and whole class reading rather than guided for a change! Can I say it has been absolutely wonderful to see the children's reading diaries each morning with so many having read the evening or morning before. Thank you so much for responding to our reading revamp and our "Read-a-thon"!. If you do read please continue to do so...if you haven't yet please do! Make sure you record this in your reading diary.

Next week I am going to Condover with Year 4 on their residential trip. Mrs Friday, Miss Walker and Mrs Biddlestone will be with the class on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday. We have a wonderful book exploration planned to act as a little relaxation before we begin the SATs tests the following week. 

Have a fab weekend!


Week ending Friday 20th April

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter holidays. The children certainly seem very refreshed and ready for our final term in Year 2 aswell as our new topic!

A big thank you to all of you who continued to read and complete the optional homework pack sent home before Easter. It was lovely to see children's shape hunts, outdoor measurements, timetables for their holidays and spelling practice. We have awarded a lot of teampoints!

We began the week with our new topic "Jambo Wanyama" which is "Hello Animals" in Swahili as our learning will be based in Africa! This is such a captivating topic and we have already had such fun and enthusiasm from the children. On Monday we explored lots of different images of the continent, naming some of the 55 countries. We made sure that we understood how diverse Africa is and how its geography is so different in so many different places. There are cities, towns, villages, beaches aswell as (the most famous and favourite for children) the savannah. We will look at all of these over the topic but have begun our English work by describing the savannah. This is the setting for our class book "The Lion Inside". I was amazed by the children's imagination and range of vocabulary especially as we have never visited! Short clips and various photographs helped inspire us! The children enjoyed writing their descriptions and followed our usual editing and redrafting process to ensure we have produced the best piece of work we can!

Our entry point had to be postponed as our planned visitor was poorly so this will be rearranged for the future.

In Maths the children have been continuing to consolidate and practice the Maths curriculum in preparation for the tests in May. This week we practised and refined our skills with solving word problems, measuring and exploring lines of symmetry in 2D shapes.

In PE the children enjoyed playing cricket outside with Mr Alexander and Mr Underhill. On Wednesday they thought about the importance of breathing, heartbeat and core strength in gymnastics. We practised building our core strength by bridging.

In RE we began our focus for this half term: "Who is Jewish and what do they believe?" Year 2 explored our existing knowledge then took a look at some Jewish special items and asked questions about them that we will hopefully be able to answer over the course of the coming weeks.

A reminder that the reading revamp "Read-a-thon" will begin and be monitored starting on Monday. A letter with all the details regarding a new push on reading across the whole school was sent home on Wednesday. Children were given our Safari Park trip letter booked for Monday 21st May on Friday so please return by May 11th. We are very excited to visit!

I hope the sun continues to shine like it has done the past few days and you enjoy some sunny weekends!

Week ending Thursday 29th March

Hello and Happy Easter! 

We hope you enjoyed the children's performance of "The Tale of the Three Trees" this morning. It was lovely to see the singing and Year 4's performance join together so beautifully! I'm sure you agree.

This week the children completed another Mental Arithmetic SATs paper to test our skills out again! We also recapped our word problem skills using part, part whole diagrams and bar modelling.

In English the children edited and redrafted their stories. We then read them to Year 1 who have also been reading the Storm Whale...they loved the children's creations!

The children enjoyed retelling the Easter Story and Holy Week on Tuesday. We had a special visit from Ollie's Dad who taught us about the Maundy Service and shared some Maundy money the Queen gave to Ollie's Great Aunt.

An Easter holidays homework pack has been sent home with a cover letter detailing all the important information. This is optional but please do continue to read with your child over the holidays.

Have a wonderful Easter Year 2! I look forward to seeing you for our final term on Monday 16th April!

Week ending Friday 23rd March & SATS Meeting

Hello! It was wonderful to see some of you at the SATS Meeting on Thursday night. I know it was a long one with lots of information so if you need any more clarification just ask! If you were unable to come don't worry. Please see the attached link below of the Powerpoint shared. I shared your child's next steps with you during Parent's Evening but if you have any questions, concerns or want more information after reading the Powerpoint then please please please come and ask!

This week the children have been busy retelling the story "The Storm Whale". Some of us decided to adapt the original by changing the whale to a different sea creature... "The Storm Seal" "The Storm Dolphin" etc. They have loved being their own authors. We planned out the plot (beginning, middle and end) and decided what we wanted to include in our stories. We discussed how a story must put an image in your mind by setting the scene, providing little details and build up the tension. This is tough but the children had a wonderful go. Year 2 also had a visit from the Punctuation Police, with some of the children later becoming an officer themselves (if they followed the punctuation law). It is really hard to maintain accurate punctuation when writing creatively so we have really discussed the importance and proofreading and checking. On Monday we will be editing and publishing our books as an exit point for this "Island Adventure" topic. 

In Maths we have had a week looking at a whole variety of areas in Maths to keep us ticking along nicely. These include...

  • 3D shape: identifying properties (faces, edges, vertices) and comparing
  • Measuring: using g/kg, cm/m, ml/l and degrees Celsius.
  • Solving word problems: using bar models and part part wholes

In RE the children thought about putting themselves in another's persons shoes when thinking about forgivenes. We recognised that this is what Jesus wanted when he sacrificed himself on the cross. We also made our Easter cards and practiced for the Easter concert on Thursday! 

In PE the children completed the Bleep Test demonstrating good pace, endurance and class spirit!

We have a busy final week of the Spring Term... 

  • Monday: Class Photos
  • Tuesday: Singapore Maths meeting at 6pm
  • Thursday: Easter Bonnet Parade and Easter Service 9am

Have a fantastic weekend and see you on Monday!

Week ending Friday 16th March

In Maths the children have continued to solve missing number problems and proved their addition answers were correct by doing the inverse (opposite so subtraction). We have also been estimating our answers to calculations before working them out. We have been been stating whether we think answers would be closer to 20 or 30 for example. 

In English the children were thrilled to read a little more of "Storm Whale". They picked Naomi or his Dad and wrote a character description. This is the third text they have tackled so far this half term and each piece is improving greatly. I am so proud! 

In RE we explored the idea of Salvation linked to the Easter story. We acted out how Jesus dying was a "bridge" to bring people closer to God, as their sins are forgiven. We described Jesus and this sacrifice.. seeing him almost as a superhero! 

The children enjoyed celebrating Science week on Thursday and Friday with visits from Cheltenham Science Festival and the Animal Man. They gathered ideas from these experiences and their previous knowledge to create a poster on "Exploration and Discovery". 

A reminder about next week's SATs Meeting at 6.30pm. We look forward to seeing you there. Class photos have also been postponed from next Wednesday to Monday 26th. 

I am looking forward to seeing the children on Monday, especially as I have been out of school for the latter part of the week! Enjoy your weekends. 

Week ending Friday 9th March

How quick this week has gone!

In Maths, we have continued to tell the time and completed some missing number problem activities. Using the part, part whole is really important to aid us when answering those type of questions.

In English the children have continued to enjoy "The Storm Whale". We have put ourselves into Noi's shoes and wrote a diary entry about his life leading up to when he finds the stranded whale on the beach! The children loved our dress up day! It really helped them to get into the role.

In PE we created a dance to represent each of the character's in the Storm Whale. Next week we will add music to our movements.

Friday afternoon was such fun! We hope you enjoyed Year 2's performance as we were certainly extremely proud!

Once again, it was lovely to see you all at Parent's Evening. I cannot believe it was our fourth one together!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you all on Monday.



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