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The weeks seem to be speeding up and just flying by! Your children are growing up and getting more mature by the day. We have had such a lovely, busy week. The Tardebigge Trek on Monday was just beautiful, watching the children and parents and carers walking through the field of rapeseed was just wonderful. I think everybody could appreciate what a beautiful place we live and work in. The children had some lovely things to say about their local environment. Thank you to all who could make the trek.
We have worked in a different way this week and had lots of ‘round robins’ with 5 different activity/work stations which the children have visited during a day or two. These have included multiplication work on doubling and word problems, work on capacity (including lots of practical work on full, half full and empty), painting and colour mixing, writing their news, research on lions and answering our questions about Africa.
Phonics: The children have continued to practice blending and sounding out real and alien words.
Re: We have recorded some answers to our big question what makes some places sacred? Thinking about where people go to worship, what they do there, and which objects and symbols are used in acts of worship. We thought about weddings and the importance of these. We discussed Billy and Bonnies wedding from Year R and the Royal Wedding that is taking place tomorrow.
Exciting News: We had a birth announcement from Billy and Bonny Bear that they have a healthy baby boy bear, named Bertie Bear. Bonny is very tired and they have asked for our help to arrange the christening for Bertie (as the class did such a good job arranging the wedding last year!) Please could you talk to your child about their christening or naming ceremony (if they had one) and send in any photos. We need to do a little research, so we know what we need to organise! (This is part of our RE work to answer the question What does it mean to belong to a faith community?)
Have a lovely weekend. Remember our trip to the Safari park on Monday, please remember school uniform, hats and sun cream if hot waterproofs if it looks like rain.

Sara Welsh


With Monday off, this week seems to have absolutely flown. We have been really productive and got through a huge amount of work. We have a wonderful student teacher Miss Evans, who is normally in every Tuesday, but is currently with us full time until half term. The extra pair of hands definitely help get more achieved.

English: We have just about finished, ‘The Lion Inside.’ We read more of the story and made three predictions for the end of the book. We wrote some dialog between the lion and the mouse with one character asking a question and so we used question marks in our writing. We also had a go at writing an interesting blurb which would make someone want to read the book. The children did really well.

Maths: We have been working on multiplying. We have done this by making equal groups and counting the amounts in each group. We have made sure our groups are fair. We have looked at ‘lots of’, so 3 lots of 5 are 15. We have practiced counting in 2, 5 and 10.

Phonics: We have undertaken another phonic screening assessment and the children really impressed us. We are reading lots of real and alien words in preparation for the phonics screening. During the screening the children can have a paper copy of the screening materials and they can write their own sound buttons on. We feel this will really benefit some children as they will be forced (by the writing it down) to identify the digraphs, trigraphs and split digraphs. We put a dot underneath single sounds. So the word ‘cat’ would be . . . one dot per sound. The word ‘with’ would be . . _ a dot for the w and i and a dash (_) for the th. ‘choin’ would be __ . a dash for ch and oi and a dot for the n. Split digraphs have a ں underneath the word to join the vowel to the ‘magic e’ that makes the vowel say its name. The children are amazing at this maybe they could teach you!

RE: The children thought about Allah having 99 names and thought of the different names we have for God. They then illustrated these.

Hope you have a super weekend. Have fun.

Sara Welsh


We have had a busy week and the children have worked hard. We had a lovely visit from Mrs Woodhouse and baby Sophie. Sophie is 15 weeks old now and just beautiful. The children noticed lots of small changes in Sophie, especially how she can hold her head up herself and likes to stand while being held! They asked Mrs Woodhouse some good questions about baby Sophie and how she is developing. She was impressed with their observations.

English: We have continued our work on, ‘The Lion Inside.’ We have read the next few pages and explored the character and appearance of the lion. The children impressed me so much with their writing about the lion that I had to fetch Miss Sutton and Mrs Friday to come and see their work and Mrs Clarkson also popped along to have a look. We also looked at exclamation marks and the children wrote exclamation words, phrases and sentences for when the lion and mouse first meet.

Maths: We have finished the chapter on number problems in maths and have also does lots of extra extension problems. The children found some of the problems quite tricky, so we will revisit them later in the year.

Phonics: We have continued recapping and revising all the sounds and alternative sounds learnt. We are reading lots of alien words in preparation for the phonics screening. The children just need to continue to spot the digraph, split digraph and trigraph in the words they are reading.

RE: We have continued with our sacred places unit of work after taking a mini break to think about Easter and what it means to us. We have looked at Islam and shared a book called, “My Muslim Faith.” The children wrote questions that they would like to ask a Muslim about their faith. These were thoughtful and demonstrated a real maturity. They thought about how a Muslim may feel when they are in the mosque. They enjoyed writing their names in Arabic

Hope you have a lovely long weekend. Fingers crossed the sun shines. Look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.

Sara Welsh


Your children are just fantastic, it is making us sad how grown up they are getting as we can tell they will soon be Year 2’s (and I don’t want them to move on!) Well the African weather with our Africa topic didn’t stay around for long! What is our weather doing? We’ve gone from summer hats back to hats, gloves and scarves this week!

English: We have continued working on, ‘The Lion Inside.’ We have read the next few pages and explored the character and appearance of the mouse. The children impressed me with their character descriptions. They were adding amazing detail and descriptive language. The have started to look at the lion and have made notes on his appearance and character.

Maths: We have been doing some very tricky word problems. The children are more than able to do the actual calculations but the wording has really thrown them! We have started simple bar modelling but also found this hard-going. This is an example of the type of questions the children have been working on, “Sam makes 12 sandwiches. He gives away 9 sandwiches. How many sandwiches does Sam have left?”

Phonics: We have continued revising all the sounds. We have also looked at compounds words and two syllable words. The last page of the phonic screening test is always two syllable words. These can look quite daunting because they are long, however, if the children break them down into the two syllables they are not too tricky. Some examples are index, turnip, waiting, diving, beehive, midnight, portrait.

The children have done some amazing art work by painting the sunset over the savannah, from reds to oranges to yellows. They let their backgrounds dry before adding the silhouettes of African animals, they are really impressive and have been displayed in the Year1 corridor.

Have a great weekend, whatever the weather!

Sara Welsh


WOW! What an amazing week! Mrs Medlicott and I have just kept on being amazed at the progress the children have made. They have come back to school after the Easter break and just seem so much more grown up in height and maturity. We have started our new topic Jambo Wanyama (Hello Animals). This topic will focus on Africa and the animals who live there. It promises to be a really enjoyable term.

English: We have started looking at the book ‘The Lion Inside’ we have so far only looked at the front cover and first page and from this we have written questions, collected adjectives and expanded noun phrases and then written a setting description. The children also independently wrote their Easter news which was lovely to read.

Maths: We have finished the review of the place value chapter and have moved onto word problems which are quite tricky. The children have to unpick what the question is asking them to do and then do the maths!

Phonics: We have done lots of recapping and revising all the sounds and alternative sounds learnt. On Thursday we did a fact file on the sound ‘ar’ as in artist, chart, alarm, tar and garden. We thought a lot about the position of the digraph in each word and practised writing it backwards, in rainbow writing and in capital letters. ar has been a diagraph we have identified as a tricky sound when the children are reading and writing phonetically.

The children were thinking that the new topic had also brought the African weather – long may it continue! Please remember sun hats, sun cream and water bottles every day.

Sara Welsh


Thank you for your chocolate donations, FOTs have made some fantastic prizes. We have had a lovely week which has seen all the children working hard. Thank you to the parents who came to the phonics evening. As we were a bit thin on the ground I was wondering if parents who did not attend would like an alternative date? Please let me if your are happy with the phonic screening which will be occurring in June.

English: We have continued the work on; ‘The Storm Whale.’ We stopped half way through the book and the children predicted the ending of the story. We also looked at exclamation marks and discussed how and when to use them (we only use one for effect – unlike on social media!!!) They are generally used to show extreme emotions or a command, such as, 'help!' They can be used after one word rather than a whole sentence and the exclamation mark also acts as a full stop. I usually say, "full stop exclamation mark" as I draw it and do the same with a question mark by stating, "full stop question mark" as I draw it. In this way the children get the idea that the full stop is part of the exclamation /question marks and start their next sentence with a capital letter.

Maths: We have continued working on numbers to 40 making tens and ones and comparing the smallest and greatest numbers as well as putting the numbers in order. We have begun looking at a given number, say, 27 and then working out 4 more and 4 less than this number.

RE: We have had an RE Easter Day where we shared the Easter story. We did a variety of different activities including: making and writing our Easter cards, re-telling the Easter story through pictures and sentences, looking at the symbols of Easter, Easter arts and crafts and Jelly bean prayers. The children throughly enjoyed it and showed a developing understanding of the Easter story.

We will be holding the rescheduled Singapore maths meeting on Tuesday 27th March at 6.00pm in St Bartholomew’s Church.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sara Welsh


Gosh what a week! We have had such an exciting week full of fun and learning! From science to Noi, ice cream to sand, snakes to owls and a visit from baby Sophie as well!

English: On Monday we had our Noi Beach Experience Day. We had such an exciting time discovering items that might have been swept onto the beach by the storm, walking through the sand in our bare feet and feeling it between our toes, tasting salty water and eating ice cream (all while it was raining outside!). We have explored the two different ways of using the word, ‘and’. We used ‘and’ as a conjunction in a sentence, for example; I saw a bucket and a net at the beach. We also used ‘and’ to expand our sentences; for example, I saw a bucket and it was blue and broken.  

Maths: We have continued working on numbers to 40 reading, writing, and making numbers. In Singapore maths we grouped the numbers into 10’s and counted them, we then counted the left over ones. You could practice this at home, making bundles of 10’s plus some ones. They count the 10’s first and then the remaining ones. 10, 20, 30, 31, 32, 33 etc.

Phonics: We have had a phonic carousel of activities to continue using all the sounds we have learnt so far. I have assessed all the children on one of the past phonic screening papers. The children really impressed me with their enthusiasm to come and have a go. Their growth mindset was in abundance; even if the words were hard the children kept trying, using robot arms and sounding out all the sounds that they knew.

Science: We have had some great experiences this week. Laura from the Animal Man Company came to school. She brought in hissing cockroaches, two snakes (many children had one around their neck), an owl, a hedgehog, lizards, geckos and a honey bear. The children loved it and asked many interesting questions. We also had a visit from the Cheltenham Science Group and they were brilliant. They brought a wide range of activities to stimulate and interest the children. We loved the wind tunnel and looking at our fingers under the microscope. I think many children realised why we tell them to wash their hands well! We labelled the parts of the human body and the children impressed us with the number of body parts they knew. We had a visit from Sophie (and Mrs Woodhouse). Sophie is 4 weeks older than last time she came to see us. The children were able to see some changes in her and she smiled at us! We talked about her tiny stomach only holding 4oz of milk!

RE: We started our topic “Why does Easter matter to Christians?” by posing this question to the children who recorded their ideas.

The Phonics meeting will be on 22nd March at 3.30pm in the year 1 classroom. We will be holding the rescheduled Singapore maths meeting on Tuesday the 27th March at 6.00pm in St Bartholomew’s Church. I can’t believe we have less than two weeks before the Easter holiday.

Sara Welsh


We have had a busy week. It was lovely to see you all at parents evening and discuss the progress that your child is making. As a class they are so lovely and we all feel really lucky to be teaching them.

English: We have continued our work on, ‘The Storm Whale.’ We have read the next two pages and have worked on questions. The children thought about what they would ask if they were the teacher. They were brilliant at thinking about different questions and the question words, such as: what, who, where, when, can, do, how, will, are, could, would and should. We looked carefully at the spellings of these words as many of them are very tricky. We wrote some dialogue between Dad and Noi where Dad asked a question and Noi replied.

On Monday we are having a Beach Experience; hopefully the children have brought a letter to let you know all about it. We are asking that they come dressed as Noi, wearing a stripy top, black /grey/blue trousers, black school shoes and a winter hat.

Maths: We have finally finished our Singapore maths books! Hurrah! We have started the next book. We began by having numbers between 20 and 40. The children had to put them into 10’s and then count on to the correct number.

Phonics: We are revising all the sounds we have learnt so far including the phase 5 sounds that I gave out on the balloons at parents evening. We are reading real and nonsense words which contain these sounds. The children need to do as much reading as possible and use their robot arms or phoneme fingers to help them sound out unfamiliar words.

Team points for homework: We give team points for homework out on a Friday. As the school was closed last Friday all the team points were given out this week. Some children had earned lots of team points for the homework they completed over the holiday. Well done!

We love the way the children can identify their book bags quickly by looking for their keyring. The problem is some children have so many key rings the book bags no longer fit in the book bag boxes and end up getting all tangled together. We have asked the children to take off all the extra keyrings and just leave their favourite one on the bag.

Have a super weekend, looking forward to see you all on Monday dressed as Noi for our Beach Experience Day. The Phonics meeting will be on 22nd March at 3.30pm in the year 1 classroom. We will be holding the rescheduled Singapore maths meeting on Tuesday the 27th March at 6.00pm in St Bartholomew’s Church.

Sara Welsh

2nd March 2018

It was lovely to see all the children on Monday morning, keen and raring to go. We talked about them being half way through Year 1 – the time certainly whizzes by and they are making great progress.

English: On Monday the children wrote their half term holiday news independently. They did really well and wrote some lovely pieces. We semi introduced our new book for this term. We showed the children the front cover with the title hidden. They studied the picture on the cover closely and wrote all the things they could see. They put these into sentences. Next week we will continue looking at the book and the title will be revealed!

Maths: We have worked on the review chapter; there were over 40 questions from all the work covered from September until now. The questions jumped around from addition, shape, position, subtraction to place value. The children were tackling them well and it showed a real understanding of the learning covered this year.

Phonics: We have worked on all the split digraphs this week, recapping a-e as in make, cake, i-e inside, slide, nice, price, o-e as in home, phone, throne and the new split digraphs e-e Pete, concrete, extreme and u-e cube, volume, cute. We again discussed the ‘magic e’ making the sound say its name rather than the short vowel sound which they have learnt. Please keep pointing out the ‘magic e’ sounds when reading and sharing stories so that the children start to identify these in words.

World Book Day: WOW the children looked absolutely amazing in their costumes and when we saw how fabulous they looked we scrapped our English planning took photos of them all with their books. They then wrote about their costume and character and why they had chosen their character. They were so motivated and engaged that they produced some amazing writing.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the snow, wrap up warm though, its freezing. I hope to see the children on Monday and then parents for Parents Evenings on Tuesday or Wednesday. On Friday we have our Mothering Sunday activities and concert.

Sara Welsh

16th February 2018

Yippy! It is half term; the children have been very excited today. We have had such a lovely, busy week but we all really feel like they are ready for a break and hopefully a nice relaxing time.

Sports for Champions Eden Francis came to visit us, she was really lovely and she did a talk in our classroom as well as helping us with our exercises in the hall. Thank you so much for all the generous sponsor money.

We saw a travelling theatre production of Oliver Twist, it was really engaging and the children sat beautifully to watch, I too was gripped!

We have adopted a baby! Sophie Micah’s 5 week old baby sister came to visit us today along with Mrs Woodhouse! She is just gorgeous. Mrs Woodhouse told us some information about the things that baby Sophie can and can’t do and the children asked some brilliant questions, such as Izzy’s “how can she drink lying down Ad not choke?” We have managed to persuade Mrs Woodhouse to come in on a regular basis, so we can see how Sophie grows and changes over time. Thank you so much for bringing her in to help with our science and for brightening up Friday morning with lovely cuddles.

English: The children had a choice in English to either re-tell Katie Morag delivers the mail or have a go at writing their own Katie Morag story, both groups of children really impressed me and it was so lovely to see some amazing sentences and longer pieces of writing.

Maths: We have (apart from the review chapter, which we will complete after half term) finished our first Singapore maths books. The children have worked so hard and impressed me. Please read this week's newsletter for information regarding a Singapore Maths meeting on Thursday 1st March for parents wishing to understand more about the new methods we are teaching.

Phonics: The children have learnt the alternatives for ‘’ - ‘ey’ as in key, monkey, hockey -Then the split digraphs a-e as in make, cake, i-e inside, slide, nice, prise, o-e as in home, phone, throne. We talked about the magic e making the sound say its name rather than the sound which they have learnt. It is really important that the children start to identify these in their reading.

Homework: Hopefully you have all seen the half term holiday homework, feel free to do as much or as little as you wish to support your child and their learning. I know we can never please everyone with homework. It would be really nice though if out and about if you could talk about the signs that it is spring and name plants and animals. There is a signs of spring sheet which the children can coulour as they see the plants and animals, this really helps us with our ongoing science work. Please please please continue to read over the half term. Mrs Cutler has noticed the number of children 5 times a week has dropped recently and we need this to change! The more your child reads, the more fluent they will become and therefore the more understanding they will have of the book they are reading. Do sign the reading diary each night in order to gain your teampoints.

Have a really super week see you all on Monday 26th. Remember it is World Book Day on Thursday the 1st March as well as the Singapore Maths meeting so remember to dress up and bring your book in!

Sara Welsh

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